Fighting Counterfeiting

A world wide phenomenon impacting
the whole economy:
Financial consequences on companies,
Threat to public safety and health,
Threat to the environment,
Loss of tax income for states,
Financing organized crime,
Financing terrorism,

Fighting Product Theft

Never forget that a stolen product must always be resold.
What happens if yours are marked as "stolen" in the database?
They obviously become unsaleable, and of no interest to thieves!
PopimsCode helps you fighting crime and protecting your warehouses, your carriers, your sales network, and your customers.


Fighting Document Fraud

Are you really able to detect faked documents used to enter your premises or to deliver a professional service?
Fraudulent documents are used for many criminal activities, and in some cases also lead to identity theft.
It can be an extremely lucrative form of white-collar crime, highly damaging to states, corporations and individuals.

Protecting Intranets

Using a PopimsCard instead of passwords is an efficient remedy to many Intranet security issues:
Network security threats,
Security breaches,
Network attacks,
Unauthorized access,
Misuse of user privileges,
Malicious content.

Our Competitive Advantages

Our technology is protected by
international patents

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