Marking products

Marking stamps for all product packaging,
Fight against counterfeiting and control of outsourcing,
Upstream and downstream traceability, consumer panels.

Marking documents

Marking stamps for all existing documents,
Emission of fraud-resistant documents: sovereign documents, professional cards, membership and loyalty cards, certificates, pay slips, tickets for entertainment and transportation, checks, bills, payment vouchers (gift, holiday and restaurant vouchers, etc..).


A document authenticated with a safety device smartphone can be made essential to activate a software.

Gaming and Lotteries

PopimsCode ShiningFlakes technology renews the image of gaming, and is disruptive also in this domain, because game earning may arrive instantly and directly on the gamer's account.

Identity as a Business

This is a very important future for our technology, the "PopimsCard" operation, to be disclosed before the end of 2015.