Collecting market data is the key subject

Understanding consumers and consumer behavior is essential.
Our technology will help you understand what consumers are buying in terms of categories, brands and products.

This service is much more efficient than anything you know: Instead of only measuring how much one of your product vs. another is sold in stores, Popimscode enables gathering information home by home.

Information gathered by your Authentication Servers

Each PopimsCode Smartphone Application gets an ID when downloaded by the user *, and this ID is conveyed to you upon each authentication operation.
This provides highly valuable insights into how changes in your product offerings, pricing or marketing would change your sales.

Information gathered by our Switchboards

Upon each authentication operation, our Switchboards may keep very little information, but of high value: smartphone Application ID, identifier and answer conveyed to the user.
We do not disclose such information without the permission of our customers, but there is a kind of club that we will organize, that will enable some of our customers to share some kind of information if they wish to. It's only an option.

* The user of the PopimsCode Application may anytime decide to change the ID of his Application to a new one, and we are committed not to create any relation between the new ID and the old one.