Our stickers get automatically destroyed when anyone attempts to remove them from the original product, packaging or document.
The range comprises a large variety of products, including rolls and sheets of stamps.

Reams of coded paper

Each page comprises a PopimsCode that is already enlisted, ready to be integrated in a database.
The basic product is blank, ready to be customized by any office printer, but our recommended converters are at your disposal to deliver customized letterheads.

Plastic Cards

Two different type of blank cards are available :
cards containing only the signature, for customers wishing to print themselves the Identifier of their choice
pre-enlisted and ready to use cards blank containing the complete PopimsCode device.
All our cards may be customized using any standard plastic card printer.
Our recommended converters can produce all quantities of encoded cards, that may be customized according to your needs .

Wine capsules

One of our Recommended Suppliers proposes capsules containing shining flakes.
blank capsules, that are ready to be customized according to your needs,
or any type of other finalized products.

Our range will be enlarge to all types of wine closures, caps, screw caps, capsules, foils, etc.


Easy to attach through buttonholes, this bracelet will protect textile and many other products when there is a hole.
It can be removed very easily by cutting the rope, ore even easier by detaching the transparent plate from the PopimsCode signature, which will definitely destroy it.
It may also be used to attach products together, protecting a whole collection
Applications are extremely large, especially in the field of fashion accessories.

Thin bracelets

Very close to the standard bracelet, this one will be better adapted when the hole is small, e.g. for jewelry and shoes having small lace holes.


These pins enable protecting a large range of products with PopimsCode technology: textile, shoes, but also meat, fish etc.

Specific labels and all types of packaging

Our Recommended Converters are at your entire disposal to quote any specific product according to your specifications.

The price-list will be available in the near future on this page.