Sign a license agreement with PopimsCode

What we sell is only series of Identifiers values (barcodes).
Royalties range from euro 0.60 to euro 0.002 per code, depending of the total value of the relevant order, to be paid by the final client. On top of that, the Integrator pays a royalty equal to 0.001 euro per code.
This total covers the use of the technology, of the smartphone Applications, and of our central servers called the "Switchboards" that take care of the communication between the smartphone Applications and the Authentication Server of the relevant client. You may combine several PopimsCode technologies on the same product or document without additional royalty.

Select your suppliers

You may do everything internally, but also choose freely the Integrator who will be in charge of your Authentication server, your converters who will print the codes, the camera manufacturer who will provide cameras reading your codes in your factories, the IT supplier who will value your big data, and any other subcontractor you wish.

Customize the Smartphone communication with your own customers

Our smartphone application is unique, but shows your colors and logo as soon as an Internet connection is made with your Authentication Server.
Then, it becomes entirely yours, as it is your Authentication Server which is in charge of further operations.
You may do this with your Integrator, or your IT department.

Apply codes on your products, packaging and other documents

You can print them directly, add a sticker, but there are many other technologies available.

Enlist your codes in your database

This can be done in real time, either internally, or with your chosen Integrator.

Update your database

This can also be done in real time.

Process data received by your Authentication Server from your customers

That's one of the magic benefits of your secure authentification program.